Advanced Baghouse Performance Analysis & Control


The B-PAC™ G3 PRO is a highly advanced and versatile monitoring and control system that is tailored for industries with complex operations and specific requirements. It offers innovative technology for optimum control and EPA/OSHA compliance via its advanced processor/display and the MICS™ platform.

B-PACs™ Require a Particulate Sensor, Differential Pressure, and Header Pressure inputs. Please see available sensors below or Contact Us for guidance:

PS Series
• DP 20T / SP 20 T

Key Features & Benefits

Advanced Features
• Full color graphical display
• Extensive data and event logging
• Filter leak, solenoid, and diaphragm diagnostics by row
• Widest range of features and configurations

Strong Return on Investment
• Typical ROI of 1-2 years
• Improved efficiency & reduced downtime
• Enhanced operational performance
• Lower operating costs, maintenance expenses, and energy use

Simplified Compliance Reporting
• US EPA MACT, and state environmental regulations
• Real-time data analysis, customizable reports, and historical trend analysis
• Device and process diagnostics to NAMUR 107

Saves Time and Effort
• Efficient filter cleaning with intelligent and comprehensive differential pressure control
• Remote access- no need for on-site monitoring and system management