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PM 100 PRO

Utilizing DynaCHARGE™ technology, this is a go-to for continuous particulate monitoring device for final emission point measurement, the PM 100 PRO offers unrivaled accuracy and functionality with automatic self-checks including linearity verification. Able to incorporate multiple sensors and auxiliary inputs from other devices, the PM 100 PRO is the standard when it comes to meeting your compliance measurement needs.


PM 100

The PM 100 with DynaCHARGE™ technology provides reliable industrial dust measurement and leak/flow detection along with a solid range of basic features, functions, and I/O via the MICS™ platform.



The PM 1 PRO is the benchmark for trusted real-time particulate monitoring particulate and leak/flow detection. Utilizing DynaCHARGE™ technology, PM 1 PRO is a state-of-the-art instrument. This dust monitor is the first loop power continuous monitor with EPA certifiable self-tests and performance reports.


PM 1

The PM 1 is the industry’s best value in a basic particulate monitor and leak/flow detector with DynaCHARGE™ technology. The engineering and quality greatly exceed comparably priced devices. The low cost justifies monitoring even small nuisance dust collectors.


For applications that require TUV and MCERTS approval, the U3600-QAL1 provides an easy-to-use compliance solution. Paired with our latest probe designs, the U3600-QAL1 can be utilized in a wide range of applications to ensure compliance and emission measurement capabilities.

AirSense PM Particulate Analyzer

Designed to provide quantitative measurement of airborne particulate with complete particle size distribution, the AirSense PM allows for complete measurement of your air quality. With several output options, integration has never been easier to provide measurement of your facility’s air quality.

WorkSpace Sensors

Specialized sensor options for use with any of our PM Series of Particulate Measurement devices, the WorkSpace allows for any sensor to be deployed inside for ambient air and process monitoring. Utilizing different configurations to meet facility needs means there is always a solution available for you.


The B-PAC™ G3 PRO provides a fast return on investment for any baghouse/dust collector. It provides innovative IntelliPulse™ technology for optimum control and EPA/OSHA compliance via its advanced processor/display and the MICS™ platform.


The B-PAC™ G3 offers multipoint continuous particulate monitoring paired with IntelliPULSE  smart filter management and advanced filter automation. These baghouse controls promote EPA regulation compliance and regulatory reporting tools.


For full on-site control and monitoring of filtration processes, the B-PAC™ PRO ES provides the complete solution for large-scale custom designed applications. Utilizing an overarching PLC for universal integration allows for complete command of all process variables for the maximum increase of operational efficiency.

DP 20T / SP 20T

For differential measurements (DP 20T), the durable ceramic diaphragm is mounted to the dirty side of a process, such as below the tube sheet on a baghouse or on the dirty side of a wet scrubber. The reference port is routed to the clean side. The static version (SP 20T) is for measuring static pressure or vacuum.

PS Particulate Sensors

B-PAC™ controllers work with with PS 10 Particulate sensors with a variety of capabilities and lengths.

Auxiliary Sensors

Designed to measure additional parameters depending on the specific application requirements. By integrating auxiliary sensors with the main monitoring system, operators can gather more comprehensive data about their filtration process, allowing for better control and optimization.


A cutting-edge solution designed specifically for plant operators who desire complete visibility and control over their baghouse and plant performance. With real-time plant data delivered via SMS or e-mail, operators can proactively mitigate issues and implement action plans at any time.

DeviceLINK Bluetooth App

Our complimentary App for seamless connectivity and control of Auburn FilterSense’s leading particulate monitor, the DynaCHARGE™ PM 1 PRO.


A reliable and secure HMI/SCADA software for remote/central monitoring, analysis, and control. It provides interface to B-PAC™ controls and DynaCHARGE™ particulate monitors, SQL data historian, optional email notifications, and report generation.