Food & Dairy

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Save costs by reducing air consumption, minimizing downtime, increasing productivity, and managing filter consumables.

Food & Dairy

Auburn FilterSense’s extensive experience with the food and dairy industry includes powdered milk, grain processing, and all types of dry food production plants. Auburn FilterSense has become the preferred supplier of particulate monitors due to the fact that DynaCHARGE™ charge sensing technology is immune to sensor fouling caused by the presence of moisture, which causes measurement errors with opacity monitors and traditional triboelectric products.

Auburn FilterSense’s reliable particulate monitors not only minimize particulate emissions and assure regulatory compliance but minimize costly product loss by providing pre-visible leak detection prior to a significant upset. Preventative maintenance is a priority. Auburn FilterSense’s automatic self-checks are ideal for ISO and food and dairy instrument audits.

Tight margins in the food industry demand process efficiency. Auburn FilterSense B-PAC Controls and Auburn FilterWare software deliver costs savings through reduced compressed air consumption, minimized emergency downtime, increased productivity, and fabric filter consumables management.