Food & Dairy

Proven Results

Save costs by reducing air consumption, minimizing downtime, increasing productivity, and managing filter consumables.

Food & Dairy

Reliable Dust Monitoring Solutions for the Food Industry

  • Extensive expertise in serving the food and dairy sector, including powdered milk, grain processing, and dry food production plants.
  • Preferred supplier of particulate monitors, offering innovative DynaCHARGE™ technology immune to sensor fouling by moisture.
  • Reliable particulate monitors help ensure regulatory compliance and prevent costly product loss with pre-visible leak detection.
  • Streamline processes with B-PAC™ Controls and Insight software, reducing air consumption, downtime, and enhancing productivity.
  • Ensure clean and efficient manufacturing environments, complying with US MACT regulations and optimizing operational efficiency.


At Auburn FilterSense, we understand the critical importance of maintaining a clean and efficient manufacturing environment in the food industry. Our cutting-edge solutions not only ensure compliance with stringent regulations but also contribute to cost savings and improved operational efficiency. Trust Auburn FilterSense for reliable dust monitoring solutions tailored to your specific needs.