Control & Automation

Intelligent Filter Controls

B-PAC™ Controls – the pinnacle of industry-leading technology designed to optimize filtration efficiency and minimize emissions. With the ability to configure B-PAC™ using our extensive range of sensors, you can tailor the perfect setup for your plant, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lowered costs.

Streamlined Filtration Process
Experience effortless filtration system monitoring and control, ensuring peak performance with minimal intervention.

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The B-PAC™ G3 PRO provides a fast return on investment for any baghouse/dust collector. It provides innovative IntelliPulse™ technology for optimum control and EPA/OSHA compliance via its advanced processor/display and the MICS™ platform.


The B-PAC™ G3 provides IntelliPULSE™ pulse-jet DP/cleaning control, particulate monitoring, basic diagnostics, and a solid range of features, functions, and I/O via the MICS™ platform for general improved operation and maintenance planning.


For full on-site control and monitoring of filtration processes, the B-PAC™ PRO ES provides the complete solution for large-scale custom designed applications. Utilizing an overarching PLC for universal integration allows for complete command of all process variables for the maximum increase of operational efficiency.

DP 20T/SP 20T

The DP 20T (differential pressure) and SP 20T (static pressure) transmitters are designed for monitoring filters and any particulate laden process.

PS Particulate Sensors

B-PAC™ controllers work with with PS 10 Particulate sensors with a variety of capabilities and lengths.

Auxiliary Sensors

Designed to measure additional parameters depending on the specific application requirements. By integrating auxiliary sensors with the main monitoring system, operators can gather more comprehensive data about their filtration process, allowing for better control and optimization.