Indoor Particulate Monitoring

Our solution is the answer to monitoring fugitive dust and airborne particulate levels. It harnesses the power of DynaCHARGE™ reliability and advanced sensing technology, combined with ingenious compressed air flow mechanics. Here’s how it works: ambient air is vacuumed into the device and precisely measured for particulate matter. This innovative process ensures a constant, real-time indication of dust levels within your workplace, acting as a vigilant guardian against any unwelcome dust surges or excursions. With our solution, proactive monitoring indoors can be a simple answer.

Key Features & Benefits

• Compressed air flow mechanics
• Optional fan powered air mechanics
• Works with any PM series particulate measurement device
• Monitor Rooms with Little to No Foot Traffic

Typical Applications

• Silos, Silo Penthouses
• Bulk Packaging
• Loading/Unloading
• Dry mixing / sifter rooms
• Filling / product transferring
• Hazardous dust monitoring