DP 20T & SP 20T

Differential and Static Pressure Transmitters

Non-clogging pressure transmitters for use in particulate heavy industrial applications

The DP 20T (differential pressure) and SP 20T (static pressure) transmitters are designed for monitoring filters and duct ventilation applications in particulate laden processes. They prevent clogging that commonly occurs with gauges and transmitters that typically use small tube taps. A rugged ceramic sensing element provides accurate measurements below 10” WC.

Commonly ordered with B-PAC™ Controls.

Key Features & Benefits

• Heavy Ceramic Diaphragm
• Wide Range of Different Pressure Ranges
• Reduced Maintenance
• Non-clogging Design, Rugged Construction
• Easy quick clamp mounting
• 2-wire loop power, 4-20mA
• All 316L stainless steel body