Product Platform

MICS™ Platform

Auburn FilterSense’s MICS™ platform (pronounced “mix”) is a Modular Instrumentation and Control System that offers a choice of processing power and display, a wide range of technology and functionality features (such as SD card support), modular I/O, and selection of fieldbus (all major protocols). MICS™ provides easy expansion, reduced spares, and simplified service.

At the core of MICS is a CANbus architecture and slice-style DIN rail modules (no backplane). CANbus provides reliable high-speed communications while, mechanically, the modules provide protection of electronics and easy in/easy out installation.

Instrument Platform

Auburn FilterSense’s instrument platform provides cutting-edge design and leading value for single point instrumentation (line powered alarm devices and loop powered transmitters – HART available).

Industry leading technology includes accurate low level sensing and true automatic zero, and span measurements (for EPA self-tests) under the low power constraints of a loop power device.

Mechanical features include modular display, removable electronics module, water intrusion protection, custom housing (rotatable with multiple conduits), heavy-duty modular sensor, and both integral one-piece instruments (shown) and remote electronics. .