PM 100 PRO - Particulate Monitoring

DyanCHARGE™ PM 100 PRO is an advanced particulate monitoring system that utilizes unique sensing technology to accurately measure low levels of particulates and ensure regulatory compliance. It features an advanced processor/display, an innovative MICS™ platform, possibility to add up to 32 monitoring points, and a robust construction, all of which contribute to its wide range of features and configurations that can cater to specific needs.


The PM 100 PRO Requires Particulate Sensor(s) View PS Series Here

Key Features & Benefits

Enhanced User Interface
• Full color graphical display with easy-to-understand icons and graphics

Low Maintenance Design
• Robust sensing technology and filter leak diagnostics
• Eliminates the need for manual instrument performance inspection
• Sensors remain unaffected by dust, moisture, and heat

Comprehensive Compliance
• Automatic EPA self-checks and adherence to US EPA MACT guidelines
• Device and process diagnostics meet NAMUR 107 standards
• Certified fieldbus protocols for seamless operation

Data Accessibility
• On-board data logging for fail-safe data access
• Data historian with mirrored SD card for data redundancy