PM 1 PRO - Particulate Monitor

The DyanCHARGE™ PM 1 PRO is designed to improve efficiency and productivity by accurately measuring low-level particulate matter continuously. This particulate monitor employs charge induction/electrodynamic sensing for continuous monitoring, and detection of particulate in stacks, ducts, pipes, and filter leak detection.

The PM 1 PRO is ideal for EPA compliance and meets requirements for EPA MACT, NESHAP, Title V/CAM and corresponding international regulations (TUV, MCERTS etc).

Key Features & Benefits

User-Friendly Data Presentation
• Advanced graphic display and direct pA outputs
• Connectivity options: USB, Bluetooth, [Optional] HART, and basic internal data logging
• Modbus RTU (RS-485) for enhanced data access

Simplified Setup and Compliance
• High-performance, rugged construction
• Choose 2-wire loop or universal line power with relays
• Integral or remote electronics for added convenience
• Automatic EPA self-tests, MACT compatibility, and compliance with stringent standards, and device diagnostics to NAMUR 107