PM 100 - Particulate Monitoring

The DynaCHARGE™ PM 100 offers reliable particulate monitoring and leak/flow detection, as well as a solid range of basic features, functions, and I/O through the MICS™ platform. It is an effective solution to prevent and reduce the risks of being out-of-compliance, production downtime, product loss, and equipment damage.


The PM 100 Requires Particulate Sensor(s) View PS Series Here


Key Features & Benefits

Effortless Maintenance
• Robust sensing technology eliminates the need for manual instrument performance inspection
• Complies with US EPA MACT guidelines
• Remains unaffected by dust, moisture, and heat, offering superior performance compared to traditional triboelectric systems

Flexible and Expandable
• Modular design options provide flexibility
• Wide range of I/O and fieldbuses for seamless integration
• Monitor up to 8 points, making it ideal for multi-compartment filters.