Proven Results

Baghouse Control solutions reduce operation and maintenance costs, eliminate emergency downtime and increase operational efficiency.

Auburn FilterSense’s robust and easy-to-use instruments, control systems, and software are all ideally suited for foundry applications.

The global push to mitigate particulate emissions from both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Foundries has prompted stricter emission limits and the adoption of high-efficiency baghouses and cartridge filter dust collectors. To ensure these systems function correctly, many countries now enforce regulations requiring performance monitoring and continuous measurement of emitted particulate.

The US EPA, for instance, mandates continuous monitoring under the Foundry MACT US EPA 40 CFR § 63.1626. Fabric filters and baghouses are critical components in various foundry applications, and their efficiency hinges on the condition of their filter elements. Bag leak detection systems (BLDS) not only ensure compliance but also serve as valuable maintenance tools, facilitating scheduled preventative maintenance, identifying filter degradation, and minimizing process downtime while optimizing maintenance crew efficiency.

What Our Customers Say:

Plant QEHS Director said this about his monitoring solution, “Having to prove compliance with the use of FilterSense BLDS and remote monitoring has dramatically reduced potential downtime and unexpected out of compliance events. By implementing the FilterSense solution, we have minimized the impact on operation of our plants. Remote monitoring and automatic alarm notification alleviated what had been keeping me awake at night, being out of compliance and not knowing about it”

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