Digital Platform

INSIGHT Filtration System Management Platform

Leveraging Edge and Cloud Computing

INSIGHT is an advanced solution meticulously crafted for plant operators seeking unparalleled visibility and control over their baghouse and overall plant performance. With the capability to deliver real-time plant data through SMS or e-mail, operators gain the upper hand in proactively addressing issues and swiftly executing action plans whenever they arise.

Powerful Solution to:

• Optimize processes, plan maintenance, ensure uptime and compliance

• Support industry 4.0, digitalization and sustainability

Key Features & Benefits:

• Gather data and generate predictive data and analytics

• Easily view and analyze data for a single or many processes

• Manage alarms and events in a structured and efficient manner

• Streamline and ensure workflows (corrective actions, service events etc.)

• Automatically generate accurate reports (including compliance)

• Automatically distribute data, alarms/events, reports to relevant persons

• Granular user control over access to the software and data

• Secure remote access to data and assets