Digital Platform

Insight Software

Monitor Air Filtration Systems & Stacks

A digital solution for resource optimization, increased productivity, and cost reduction while helping ensure compliance and safety.

• Event Handling
• Analytics
• Reporting
• Enterprise-grade Access Control and Security

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Monitor Baghouse and Dust Collector Operations
  • Maintain Low Emissions and Automate Compliance Reporting
  • Increase Productivity While Enhancing Health and Safety


At a glance check operating state, DP, emission trends, etc.

Screen Shot of the INSIGHT dashboard on a desktop
Effective Visualization: Easily configure dashboards for common use or per-user to display the relevant information providing an intuitive experience.

Quick Assessments: Access quick links for alarm management and to review historical trending for process and operational insight.

Tailored Solution: Designed for baghouses, dust collection systems and stacks. Configure for single process, multiple processes, and multisite applications.
Event Notification & Management
Ensure response to alarms and log corrective actions

Screen Shot of the event notifications from the INSIGHT software platform.
Instant Awareness: Benefit from push notifications that promptly send alarms and events to any assigned email ensuring awareness and action.

Acknowledgement: Enables structured processes to respond to alarms/events and to set additional workflow or documentation.

Corrective Action: Utilize the corrective action log to seamlessly log and track actions taken in response to alarms and events. A critical feature for regulatory compliance.
Analytics & Diagnostics
Get early warning alerts (ex: emissions rising), operational anomalies (ex: high energy use), failure notice (ex: failed valve)

screen shot of Diagnostics and analytics built into INSIGHT software.
Predictive Maintenance: Leverage analytics, device and process diagnostics for a proactive approach to maintenance preventing downtime and inefficient operation.

Compliance Assurance: Benefit from early warning analytics to help ensure adherence to regulations preventing shutdowns and potential fines.

Energy Management: Utilize analytics to monitor and optimize energy usage contributing to cost savings and sustainability initiatives.


Fully automate reporting to ensure accuracy and timeliness

A screen shot of the INSIGHT reporting capabilities.
Compliance Reporting: Turn-key automatically generated compliance reports to specific regulations. Customize if needed.

Effortless Distribution: Automatically distribute process and maintenance reports to individuals or groups on a flexible schedule, whether it‘s for a maintenance round or daily shift.

Comprehensive Data Accessibility: Easily attach/export data for any report for backup and use with other systems and software.

Access Control

Access Control
Advanced access control to drive productivity and ensure security

Screen Shot of te user access levels, customizable throughout the organization.
Productivity: Easily grant authorized access to the functions and data employees need to efficiently operate the plant and maintain compliance.

Microsoft Active Directory: MS active directory for user management, single sign on and authentication.

Security: Restrict sensitive data to appropriate personnel.

Service Integration: Facilitate scheduling and providing support data with Auburn FilterSense or other 3rd party service providers for data driven support services.

Available Support Services

Available Support Services

Assurance Comprehensive On-Site and Remote Support.Continuous combined on-site and connected support. Apply ongoing AFS expertise to ensure compliance, prevent down time, and optimize your processes for maximum efficiency.

Advisory Expert Guidanceon an ongoing basis. Our application experts review data and reports sent outbound to Auburn FilterSense on a recurring basis or via authorized remote access to advise on process and emission trends. Typically quarterly service.

Assist As Neededsupport and functionality guidance when needed. A low starter price.

Insight Hardware

Insight Gateway+
Image of the Insight Gateway Plus hardware


Insight Gateway+

The Insight Gateway+ is an industrial data acquisition solution that provides local data and alarm visualization and provides remote monitoring and alarm acknowledgement.

Key Features:

• IIoT Gateway with local HMI and alarming
• Pre-configured tagging
• Expandable with internal or remote mountable I/O modules
• Wireless sensor options
• 1GB onboard store & forward

Example 1:

Connect I/O’s directly to the Insight Control Board on the interior of the panel.Diagram of a sample set up of a Insight Gateway. Shows digital and analog inputs, wired and wireless connection and the filters.

Example 2:

Communicate all tags via Modbus TCP

Insight Control


Insight Control

Enhanced filtration system management with advanced monitoring and control capabilities. It outperforms Timer Boards and PLCs, offering a streamlined interface and easy commissioning through Insight Software for efficient operations.

Key Features:

• Friendly UI with Touchscreen
• Streamlines connection to INSIGHT software
• IntelliPulse technology