HMI/SCADA & Reporting Software


HMI/SCADA solution for process control, maintenance, and EPA compliance.

Our HMI/SCADA solution is your reliable and secure companion for remote and central monitoring, in-depth analysis, and precise control. It seamlessly interfaces with B-PAC™ controls and DynaCHARGE™ particulate monitors, offering an SQL data historian, optional email notifications, and report generation.

Choose FilterWARE™ for automating process control, maintenance, and EPA compliance requirements. It combines efficiency and convenience, providing not only a significant time-saving advantage but also ensuring a rapid return on investment.

Key Features & Benefits

• Intelligent control, diagnostics and compliance for large processes

• Generate maintenance, process, and EPA reports tailored to specific regulations

• Systems integration, process optimization, on-site support/training

• Remote access functionality for remote support