Sensing & Measurement

Stack Solutions

Tailored Designs for Any Application
Our stack emission monitoring solutions are custom-crafted to fit seamlessly into your application, across industries.

Boosting Efficiency and Compliance
Fueled by DynaCHARGE™ technology, our solutions provide real-time accuracy, empowering proactive decision-making for streamlined operations and unwavering compliance confidence.

Success Story: 

“Aluminum Producer Maintains Emissions Below 1 mg/m³ from a 2.8M CFM Process” Learn How Here


PM 100 PRO

Utilizing DynaCHARGE™ technology, this is a go-to Particulate Monitor for final emission point measurement, the PM 100 PRO offers unrivaled accuracy and functionality with automatic self-checks including linearity verification. Able to incorporate multiple sensors and auxiliary inputs from other devices, the PM 100 PRO is the standard when it comes to meeting your compliance measurement needs.


For applications that require TUV and MCERTS approval, the U3600-QAL1 provides an easy-to-use compliance solution. Paired with our latest probe designs, the U3600-QAL1 can be utilized in a wide range of applications to ensure compliance and emission measurement capabilities.