Sensing & Measurement

Baghouses / Dust Collectors

Precise Particulate Measurement and Clog-Resistant Differential Pressure Sensors engineered for baghouse applications.

Streamlined Compliance, Operations, and Maintenance
With the provision of real-time data and invaluable insights, easily optimize maintenance workflows, anticipate issues, and maintain compliance.

Success Story:

“This project reduced baghouse maintenance from 200 hours to only 14 hours.” Learn How Here


PM 100 PRO

Utilizing DynaCHARGE™ technology, the PM 100 PRO is the industry leader for critical process control and EPA and MACT compliance. It consistently outperforms other top-level charge and optical devices. Its advanced processor / display and MICS™ platform offer a total solution.


PM 100

The PM 100 with DynaCHARGE™ technology provides reliable particulate monitoring and leak/flow detection along with a solid range of basic features, functions, and I/O via the MICS™ platform.



The PM 1 PRO is the benchmark for reliability and features in a standard particulate monitor and leak/flow detector. Utilizing DynaCHARGE™ technology, PM 1 PRO is a state-of-the-art instrument, it is the first loop power particulate monitor with EPA certifiable self-tests and performance.


PM 1

The PM 1 is the industry’s best value in a basic particulate monitor and leak/flow detector with DynaCHARGE™ technology. The engineering and quality greatly exceed comparably priced devices. The low cost justifies monitoring even small nuisance dust collectors.

DP 20T / SP 20T

For differential measurements (DP 20T), the durable ceramic diaphragm is mounted to the dirty side of a process, such as below the tube sheet on a baghouse or on the dirty side of a wet scrubber. The reference port is routed to the clean side. The static version (SP 20T) is for measuring static pressure or vacuum.