PM 1 - Particulate Monitor

For a budget-savvy choice in continuous particulate flow and emissions monitoring, turn to the DynaCHARGE™ PM 1. It outshines competitors in its price range, thanks to unique DynaCHARGE™ technology. These affordable monitors are your solution for watching over even the smallest dust collectors. Opt for the PM 1-A for essential alarms or the advanced PM 1-T for proactive bag leak detection. With the DynaCHARGE™ PM 1, quality and savings are a package deal.

Key Features & Benefits

Easy to Understand Data
• Real time display of pA
• Simple user interface
• Multi-lingual options

Simple Installation
• Lower costs with integral configuration
• Easy new and retrofit installation options
• NPT and quick clamp fittings available
• 2 wire loop or universal line power with relays

Low Maintenance Requirements
• Sensor health checks on power up
• Coated probes available for damp and sticky environments
• Low service requirements