Auxiliary Sensors

Auxiliary sensors are built to complement the primary particulate monitoring systems to provide a comprehensive solution for process optimization and environmental compliance. Designed to measure additional parameters depending on the specific application requirements. By integrating auxiliary sensors with the main monitoring system, operators can gather more comprehensive data about their filtration process, allowing for better control and optimization.

Auxiliary Sensors Available:

Hopper Level Switch
Featuring relay output for indication of hopper fill status.

Temperature Sensor
A 4-20mA output temperature sensor for flow temperature monitoring. Available in 0-300F, 0-600F, and higher temperature ranges.

Fan Amperage Sensor
To properly monitor fan amps. Provides a 4-20mA output with 0-50, 0-100, 0-150, or 0-200 Amp ranges.

Air Flow Transmitter
With 4-20mA output. Utilizing a fouling resistant Pitot Tube, allowing for low maintenance intervals and uninterrupted measurement.

Fan Vibration Switch

Fan Vibration Continuous Monitoring

Fan Bearing Temperature

Air Lock Zero Speed Switch

Humidity Sensor