The U3600-QAL1, empowered by DynaCHARGE™ Technology, stands as a single-point approved particulate monitor with certifications from TUV and UK MCERTS. It is your ideal choice for applications necessitating adherence to both European and USA EPA requirements. This robust monitor is certified to meet the latest EN14181 standards and US MACT rules, making it a reliable asset in a range of applications, including combustion, incineration, metals, minerals, and various industrial processes. Typically positioned after dust collector baghouses and cartridge filters, the U3600-QAL1 ensures uncompromised performance in meeting your compliance and monitoring needs.

Key Features & Benefits

• Complies with EN14181, EN13284-2, and EN 15267-3 requirements

• Certified range of 0-15 mg/m3 , measuring range 0-1,000 mg/m3

• Measures Pico Amps (pA) directly so can be immediately used as a qualitative monitor without the need for Iso-Kinetic calibration*

*A direct measurement of pAmps allows the instrument to be used as a qualitative device “out of the box” (e.g. for European regulation EN15859). In order to meet European regulation EN15267-2, calibration to an Iso-Kinetic test is required where calibrations to a linear or curved coefficient can be directly set within the 3600QAL1 controller fascilitating more accurate correlations to actual dust and thereby making the instrument more reliable. (Features typically not available from other Charge transfer technologies.)