Bag Leak Detection Systems : an operational and environmental solution

Written by Justin Dechene | Jun 11, 2015 3:00:00 PM

The Evolution of the Broken Bag Detector: Mandatory Compliance to Operational Efficiency

In today’s world, we often seem so focused on moving forward, that we hardly ever take the time to look back and see where we have been. We feel fortunate to have been providing Bag Leak Detection Systems solutions for the better part of 40 years. Looking back to the beginning, the Clean Air Act was starting to cause an awareness for the need to pay attention to emissions from industry, and Auburn International created the first triboelectric bag leak detector. It is ironic that our first successes were helping to keep parking lots clean – EPA was satisfied with the current technology of the day and were not necessarily looking for better solutions for industry. As we have grown as an organization, so too have the application solutions that the constantly improving product line has brought to manufacturers that were concerned with better maintaining their dust collectors and baghouses.

Recently we put together an Infographic which outlines the history of Triboelectric Electrostatic Bag Leak Detectors. The infographic details the journey showing how applications for BLDS installations have expanded along with technology advances. Further, we are offering value to our customers throughout the plant in a variety of ways, as well as helping manufacturers with environmental compliance issues.

Crossing over into the Environmental Arena

Today, a good percentage of our business is offering environmental and compliance solutions, but it was not always that way. When the USEPA introduced the MACT standards for selected industries, requiring the Maximum Achievable Control Technology – the focus on simple environmental compliance changed. By listening to industry feedback, it became more and more obvious that by properly maintaining your baghouses and dust collectors and other emission control technology, manufacturers could more efficiently and effectively comply with the environmental standards. Instead of simply looking for an exceedance above set limits, the strategy allowed enforcement by reacting and responding to bag leak detection systems alarms and preventing major excursions.

Triboelectric detectors were validated when the MACT standard for Secondary Lead Smelters required the use of triboelectric style units over traditional opacity monitors due to their inherent greater sensitivity. This was important due to the lead particulate the regulation was concerned with – it made sense to have a more sensitive technology. All future MACT standards routinely included triboelectric and electrostatic devices as acceptable for use as Bag Leak Detection Systems.

A Compliance Solution and a Good Business Decision

So while we appreciate Auburn Systems being thought of as a good solution for environmental compliance issues, the infographic really does a great job of noting key technology advances in Bag Leak Detection history and the full suite of solutions we provide. When thinking about our solutions, it’s important to note the benefits the technology provides:

  • Reduce Downtime (Predict Maintenance requirements, prevent shutdowns, eliminate emergencies)
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs (cut overtime, troubleshoot and locate issues early)
  • Simplify reporting, offer efficient compliance (consolidate logging, standardize reports, no more clunky clipboard and data retrieval)
  • Save on Bag replacements (extend bag life with more predictive approach, less scheduled maintenance, reduced labor)

Auburn_Systems_Processing_Magazine_2013_Innovation_Breakthrough_AwardAuburn Systems has always had a culture of constant change and constant improvement. Besides being the first broken bag detector, the continual improvements and release of new product upgrades has contributed to the advancement of our industry. In fact, we recently were awarded with the Processing Magazine Product of the Year award! It was wonderful to have technology we care so much about be validated via an endorsement from a highly regarded Processing publication….. Great fun and also something we are proud to have been a part of.

The Journey Continues….

In conclusion, a BLDS can offer clear ROI in a variety of plant applications, as well as being a mandatory compliance solution. We understand that often an environmental regulation or compliance issue, may send you in our direction – searching for a monitoring solution. , Please let us help you find solutions that will help creatively offer better efficiencies and operational advantages…. Solutions that help better run your business!