PM 1

Whether it is a small nuisance dust collector or a process critical application, the PM 1 delivers reliable accurate indication of particulate loading levels.


A reliable and flexible single point monitor, with the ability for advanced self-check functionality not offered anywhere else, the PM 1 PRO is the industry standard for final emission monitoring.

PM 100

The PM 100 offers a unified solution for both final emission point measurement and upstream monitoring using multi-channel functionality. Able to bring multiple sensors together in one electronics enclosure helps to control install costs, while still providing industry leading accuracy and functionality.

PM 100 PRO

The go-to solution for final emission point measurement, the PM 100 PRO offers unrivaled accuracy and functionality with automatic self-checks including linearity verification. Able to incorporate multiple sensors and auxiliary inputs from other devices, the PM 100 PRO is the standard when it comes to meeting your compliance measurement needs.


For applications that require TUV and MCERTS approval, the U3600QAL1 provides an easy-to-use compliance solution. Paired with our latest probe designs, the U3600QAL1 can be utilized in a wide range of applications to ensure compliance and emission measurement capabilities.