When paired with FilterWARE HMI/SCADA remote services for reporting and control, B-PAC G3’s become powerful process controllers and data acquisition hubs. Utilizing Fieldbus for industry standard communication allows for worry free integration into both existing infrastructure and Auburn FilterSense supplied solutions.


B-PACG3 PRO is an advanced control, monitoring, optimization, predictive maintenance, and regulatory compliance solution for pulse jet baghouses and dust collectors.


PM 100

The PM 100 offers a unified solution for both final emission point measurement and upstream monitoring using multi-channel functionality. Able to bring multiple sensors together in one electronics enclosure helps to control install costs, while still providing industry leading accuracy and functionality.

PM 100 PRO

The go-to solution for final emission point measurement, the PM 100 PRO offers unrivaled accuracy and functionality with automatic self-checks including linearity verification. Able to incorporate multiple sensors and auxiliary inputs from other devices, the PM 100 PRO is the standard when it comes to meeting your compliance measurement needs.