Baghouse Performance Analysis & Control

B-PAC™ Controls

Baghouse Performance Analysis & Control

Control and monitoring systems for all typed of baghouses and cartridge dust collectors. Provide optimized filtration and highly beneficial preventive diagnostics.

Typical 1-2 Year ROI
• Reduce energy use and lower cost
• Reduce maintenance rounds
• Automate regulatory O&M inspection requirements
• Prevent unforeseen downtime

The initial capital expense of baghouses and dust collection systems is far lower than its long-term total cost of ownership (TCO). B-PACs™ significantly reduce TCO.

IntelliPULSE™ Intelligent DP Control

Maintain differential pressure within 0.1 InWC with minimum pulsing Lower emissions and extend filter life with less pulsing Ensure consistent airflow to maintain production, ventilation, and dust recovery Reduce compressed air use by 15–40% over standard on-demand cleaning, and up to 90% over continuous cleaning.

In addition to IntelliPULSE™ DP/cleaning control and diagnostics, B-PACs™ provide extensive general functionality including easily selectable pulsing patterns and a full range of basic timing modes (continuous, hi/lo, single cycle, cycle down, etc.).

Actionable Diagnostics

- Locate filter leaks (by row) weeks before visible emissions

- Detect/locate open and shorted solenoids that lead to plugged filters and cascading failures

- Detect and locate ruptured, frozen, and lazy pulse diaphragms

- One rupture can cost $1,000/week in compressed air and cause filters to blind

- Eliminate other problems caused by air loss

EPA,Health & Safety

With integrated particulate monitors and differential pressure sensors, B-PAC™s are best practice for baghouse EPA compliance. They are also ideal for industrial ventilation dust collectors to ensure dust extraction and to help meet OSHA and NFPA regulations. For safety, B-PAC™s reduce exposure to confined spaces, hazardous pollutants, and emergency maintenance - when most injuries occur.

- Automate differential pressure control and record keeping

- Fully integrated particulate monitoring

- Eliminate manual inspection of filter mechanicals as required by most permits

Higher Function & Performance than PLCs

Application-specific electronics, combined with diagnostic and control algorithms that have been refined over 10 years, provide performance and capability that cannot be achieved by PLCs. B-PACs™ are turn-key solutions with no need for programming. A full range of fieldbus options is available to integrate with PLC, DCS, HMI, and SCADA systems. B-PACs™ also offer discrete control modes.

Configurable for All Sizes & Types of Filters

MICS™ platform modularity enables a range of configurations from small cartridge collectors to large multi-compartment baghouses. PRO and basic models offer a wide range of features to suit application and budget needs.