Control & Automation

Control Panel Engineering & Manufacturing

Auburn FilterSense offers custom engineered solutions designed to deliver ultimate control over particulate emissions, offering confident compliance with EPA mass emission limits. Our systems go beyond mere compliance; they are engineered to optimize processes and effectively manage overall filter performance. With a complete suite of in-house services including electrical engineering, system integration, startup, training, and continuous support, we are your trusted partner in achieving emissions control excellence.

Discover the B-PAC™ PRO ES, a state-of-the-art solution for multi-compartment and large single-compartment baghouses. Our control and monitoring systems can be customized to include plant-specified PLC front ends, HMIs, VFDs, and motor controls, offering a comprehensive and precise approach to emissions control.

Key Features & Benefits:

• Prolongs filter life
• Reduces emissions during cleaning
• Offers compartment and flange-to-flange differential pressure control

Versatile Cleaning Optimization
• Highly customizable cleaning parameters
• Tailored row sequencing and patterned pulsing

Early Leak Detection
• Proactively ensures mass emission compliance
• Swiftly identifies and pinpoints filter leaks

Real-Time Solenoid and Diaphragm Monitoring
• Instant detection and location of failed solenoids and pulse diaphragms

Redundancy and Control Flexibility
• Provided by B-PAC™ “compartment controllers”
• Ensures uninterrupted operation

Comprehensive Control and Access
• Managed through HMI/SCADA
• Records, reports, and remote access via FilterWARE™

Auburn FilterSense is a certified UL manufacturer of panels.